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Easter Wings

Easter Wings

A few weeks ago, our local church held its annual mission’s convention. The church identifies potential missionaries from the ranks of its congregation, trains them, and then sends them to lesser-reached areas. The general strategy of the church organization has been to focus on children. The average age in Niger is 15, and yet most churches do not maintain a child-centered ministry. As such, many of the missionary activities are intended to serve children and their families.

An older couple became Christian under the ministry of our pastor and then became one of the first missionaries supported by our church. They live and work in a remote town where they mingle with traditional spiritual leaders (called marabouts) and jihad extremists. Through donations of clothing and prayers for healing, two families have become curious about Christ.

In another town, not so remote, the missionary has reached families by establishing weekly children’s programs. The future vision for this village involves a clinic. The missionary is a young man who graduated from the Bible school where I teach.

Another missionary in a difficult area had seen success with outreach to kids whose families then requested home prayer visits. This missionary was injured in an accident. Further, extremists have forced this family to relocate to Niamey, the capital.

One of the missionaries trained at a Muslim religious school but then converted to Christ. He now runs children’s programs in a densely Islamic area.

This Easter, please keep our local missionaries in your prayers. Out of an abundance of caution, I have purposely not named the missionaries or their towns. God sees them.


Mikey and I will be returning to the US at the end of May. Our plans have altered, and we will be spending several months in Oklahoma. I hope to travel and connect with churches, friends, family, and supporters in such a way that has been restricted over the past two years due to Covid. Pray for us as we venture into transitions. I do plan to return to Niger in 2023.

Your prayers and financial support are deeply appreciated.


Here are some videos.

Young adult choir singing at mission’s convention:

Special church-wide choir in cultural attire singing at mission’s convention:

Normal church choir in cultural attire singing at mission’s convention:

Parade of children and youth wearing cultural attire:

Women’s dance group:

Here are a few pictures.

Mikey with Pastor Boureima
Mikey with his rabbit, Rex “Al Capone” Wyckoff (who was not specifically obtained for Easter)
Baby dedication
Eating with friends, the traditional way
Food at a church gathering
English class
English class