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Reflection on November

Greetings, I hope that everyone spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.  As Thanksgiving is now in the rear view mirror and Christmas is just around corner, I’ve been reflecting.  It has always been a mystery to me why the best pies and juiciest meats only make an appearance on the holidays.  When was the last time you roasted…read more →

October, Eggs, and Jesus

While many aspects of life in Niger are different, the basics often remain the same.  Food must be cooked, and certain details must be remembered.   Here is a story.  I wanted boiled eggs.  I wanted the boiled eggs to be cold before I ate them.  So, I decided to boil them in the morning, set them in the fridge all…read more →

September and the Village

The vast majority of Niger’s population do not live in the city.  The village is a tidy complex of mud buildings, thatched roofs, dirt roads, and stone pathways.  The sky is clear, blue, and habitually hot.  The horizon is flat and clean and only interrupted by an occasional arid plateau.  Doctors are few, and minor sicknesses frequently turn fatal.  Life…read more →

Could I Have a Shuttle With That?

I walked down the halls of Atlanta Hartsfield Airport listening to the thunder and staring at the rain.  “No problem,” I thought, “my flight into New York lands 4 hours ahead of my next flight… I can give a few hours.” Missionaries do things as cheaply as possible.  I had constructed my voyage using two separate tickets. My flights to…read more →

June: Here

Well, I had every intention of including current photos in this blog post, but I left my camera in the hotel in Istanbul during my travel to return to Oklahoma.  My previous camera was stolen in Tunisia.  I feel like I’m populating the world with cameras.  You thought that I was perfectly organized… surprise!  Fortunately, neither camera was expensive, and neither…read more →

Fruit in February

Hello Again, I hope the first several weeks of 2013 have gone well for you. If you are like most people, you have settled back into the normal routine of life. Life in Niger seems to actively avoid being normal. If you follow world news, perhaps you read that there was a war in Mali a few weeks ago. Islamist…read more →

Welcome to 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! Well, like it or not, 2013 has begun. I trust that the young year has been good to you so far. *** I have this habit. When I am alone in my car (or maybe not always alone) I like to practice a sermon or lesson out loud so that I can hear certain phrases and…read more →

‘E’ for Eclectic

Welcome back.  It’s been a while since my last blog.  I hope you enjoy. -A Long Day- It is a common occurrence for the employees of certain trades to go on strike.  This, apparently, is a worldwide phenomenon.  Last month, taxi drivers went on strike.  Since taxis make up the vast majority of public transportation, such a strike was quite…read more →

The Rains Came and the Waters Rose, and Rose, and Rose

Niger fights a continual battle with the Sahara Desert, and I never thought I would see the day when people in Niger would be hoping for the rain to stay away.  But, this rainy season has prompted much of West Africa to grow weary of rain.  This is the wettest rainy season that Niger has seen in many decades.  The Niger River…read more →

Photos: First Weeks Back

Here are some photos from the past few weeks. I included some pictures from my short visit to Morocco. I have been helping a friend host a short-term team, and many of the pictures are from my time driving them from place to place. You will notice that there are a few more images than last time.  I am trying to be…read more →