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On the Ground and Rolling… Slowly…

I arrived in Niger on a Friday and spent a few days in the home of a Nigerien friend. On Saturday, I decided to be social and go to the missionary-school campus to play softball with a mixed group up of Africans and white people. As the game was winding down, a sandstorm descended upon Niamey. Niger is known for…read more →

Here We Go

Well, I feel like an inventor who has built a new kind of airplane.  Many of his friends were encouraging, but many of them were not.  He has spent much effort constructing his device, has climbed into the vehicle, and now stands at the precipice of a cliff preparing to put his thoughts into practice.  If he crashes, there is…read more →

Bad Behavior Creates Funny Laws

My family and I recently returned from a trip to Alaska.  For a brief few days we traded the heat of our southern home for the colder climates of Alaska.  We spent two beautiful days touring Alaska.  Apparently, we brought some of our warm weather with us because the local inhabitants raved about how nice the weather had become upon…read more →

Meeting the Board

A few days ago I had the privilege of meeting the board members of Friends of Faith World Outreach.  I arrived at the hotel around noon only to discover that nothing official would begin until about 6.  Ken Isom, the treasurer, had also arrived at noon, and we found ourselves with nothing to do.  The other early arrivals had ventured…read more →

Fun with Photos

I have been asked on many occasions to post more pictures.  I am not a picture-crazy person, but I do recognize the value of photographs to engender familiarity.  So, I will try to populate a periodic picture-only blog.  My current technical abilities are rather low, but hopefully they will improve in the future.  Anyway, here are some pictures from Niger….read more →


Well, down here in Texas and Oklahoma, we seemed to have skipped right over winter and landed in spring.  I kept thinking that we would get at least one freeze and snow but it never happened, and now Easter is just a day away. The general timing of Jesus’ death is easier to pinpoint than most modern religious holidays because…read more →

Funds, Friends, and Fun

I recently returned from a short visit to Virginia.  Did you know that they have real trees up there.  Down here in Texas and Oklahoma, we only have large bushes.  And, apparently, I have just made every person in Virginia very angry by insinuating with the phrase ‘up there’ that Virginia is a northern state.  Listen, when you live in Texas, everything north…read more →


I want to share with you an experience I had at church recently.  I realize that usually only half-Christians sit in the back at church, but that is where I sit.  I sit in the back in case my attention deficit problem causes me to want to flee.  I also sit there because I like to sing loudly, but most people around me don’t…read more →

Elephant Eating

How do you eat an elephant?  I’ve always thought that to be a strange question, seeing as how I can’t imagine a scenario in which an elephant would taste good.  But, of course, the wisdom isn’t in the taste of the elephant but in the patience of the process- one bite at a time. I’ve found my fundraising effort to be…read more →